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Home Information Pack

Home Information Pack

What is in a Home Information Pack?

An index which lists the contents of the HIP and notes any required documents that are outstanding (for example, a local property search).

A Property Information Questionnaire with simple information that the seller should know about the property including the risk of flooding, electrical safety and car parking.

For new homes, sustainability information on the effect a property has on the environment in nine categories including energy and water efficiency.

A sale statement, which includes basic details about the sale including the name and address of the seller.

Evidence of the title which for most properties will be official copies of the register and title plan held by the Land Registry.

What if some documents are unavailable?

The following documents, if unavailable when marketing begins, must be included in the HIP as soon as possible, and within 28 days.

Two local property searches, which contain important information about the property on issues such as traffic schemes, planning and building decisions that currently affect the property and what might be about to affect it. These searches can be produced by either the relevant local authority or a private search company. A drainage and water search must also be included which is usually provided by the relevant water company.

A copy of the lease (for leasehold properties only).

Documents showing proof of title (for unregistered properties only).

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